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Total Wellness: Yoga & Fitness at Potosa Spa

Recognizing that total wellness is rooted in harmony and balance, Potosa Spa offers an array of services to nurture the mind, body, and spirit.  The recently implemented Yoga and Fitness program at Potosa Spa provides spa-goers with the opportunity to attend Happy Hour and Gentle Flow Yoga classes led by Deb May as well as the ability to utilize spa amenities including the pool, fitness center, and Relaxation Lounge.  Read on to learn more about Deb’s classes, teaching style, and the many ways in which yoga has benefited her throughout her 16-year practice.

1. What originally drew you to yoga?  “I’ve been practicing yoga for 16 years, teaching for 15 years. I had been in a car accident and was still suffering from severe back pain 1 year after the accident. Yoga helped me heal, gain peace, and build strength.”       

2. How did you get into teaching yoga? “When I began my yoga practice, the yoga offered in Dubuque was very limited. (This was before there were any yoga studios in Dubuque!)  I wanted to share this practice – – so I went for training in Florida. I taught my initial classes at The YMCA/YWCA, NICC Continuing Ed, and the Arboretum.”

3. What type of yoga do you teach?  “I teach a blend of styles – I try to keep it very basic, which works well in a Mixed Level class. This format is very beginner-friendly. Within each class, I offer options to modify poses, or to challenge yourself.” 

4. What do you prefer/enjoy most about this particular form of yoga?  “The self awareness, breath focus, and body respect is so personal, calming, and harmonizing. Our society needs the opportunity to slow down, breathe, relax, and listen to our SELF.”

5. What has yoga done for you as a person? “Through yoga, I have found a peace within I didn’t know was there – – and can always be there, when I take time to reconnect with myself.”

6. What, in your opinion, are the greatest health benefits of doing yoga? “Stress Relief!!!!  They say at least 80% of all doctor visits are stress-related – so this is a huge health issue/concern.”

7. What advice do you have for people who have never tried yoga? “Give it a try! Start easy, especially if you have some health concerns. It’s very important to listen to your body and just do what is comfortable for you.”

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