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Signature Cocktails

  • Last Word

    A little sour, a little sweet, a little pungent.
    Bombay Sapphire Gin | Chartreuse | Maraschino Liqueur | Fresh Lime Juice

  • Bee’s Knees

    Prohibition-era slang meaning “the best”.
    Beefeater Gin | Honey Simple Syrup | Fresh Lemon Juice

  • Gin Ricky

    Born at the Chicago exposition of 1893.
    Hendricks Gin | Fresh Lime | Soda Water

  • Side Car

    Invented by an American Army Captain in Paris during World War I.
    Hennessey Cognac | Grand Marnier | Fresh Lemon Juice

  • Ward 8

    Named after Boston’s Ward 8, and its effect on the 1898 election.
    Cody Road Rye Whiskey | Fresh Lemon Juice | Fresh Orange Juice | Dark Bing Cherry Grenadine

  • Monkey Gland

    Celebrating a Russian doctor’s theory to increase longevity.
    Bombay Dry Gin | Absinthe | Fresh Orange Juice | Dark Bing Cherry Grenadine

  • Chicago Fizz

    A blast from the past with a lot of style and flavor.
    Myers Dark Rum | Whiskers Port | Soda Water | Fresh Lemon Juice | Simple Syrup | Egg White

  • Al Capone

    No need to be in the Capone Suite to enjoy this.
    Templeton Rye | Dolan Ruby Vermouth | Campari

  • Infusion/“Speakeasy”

    Just like the password to a Speakeasy, this recipe is a secret.

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