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Statue of Liberty • Riverboat Lounge

March 15th 7PM

Bio: Beginning as a solo project for singer/songwriter Bobby Bradford, Statue of Liberty grew into an acoustic folk rock duo with the addition of Marywood Kate in 2010. After recording a demo together in the summer of 2007, the pair discovered a unique musical bond. In July of 2010 began recording their debut release, The Up State. Working with producer Scott Miller, Bradford and Kate spent time at the Institute of Production and Recording in Minneapolis, MN. In May, 2011, Statue of Liberty released The Up State and began promoting the EP, performing shows throughout the country. After spending the summer on the road, Bradford and Kate relocated to Colorado where they wrote their second album, The Radiant Life. After it’s release in October, 2012, Statue of Liberty spent the remainder of 2012 and the majority of 2013 touring the four corners of the country. Shortly thereafter the duo relocated to Nashville, TN, where they spent time developing their songwriting skills.

Now back in their hometown of Dubuque, IA, Bradford and Kate look forward to completing their third original album, and contributing to the local music community.


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