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Upon your arrival at Hotel Julien Dubuque, please take time to review the emergency exit plan located on the back of your guest room door. Look around and familiarize yourself with emergency escape exits, plans for evacuation, and shelter. Locate the nearest fire exits and fire alarm pull station, the number of doors between exits and your room, and the nearest stairwell so you can find them in the case of an emergency.

Always keep your room key handy near your bed. Study your room for escape routes, always take your key if you leave in an emergency. Carry a small flashlight if possible.

Avoid panic. Panic and smoke are your worst enemies. Know how to react in case of an emergency situation.

If an alarm is activated, evacuate immediately. Do not assume a false alarm situation has occurred.


Report smoke of fire to the Hotel Operator immediately. Dial 0. State your name, room number, and give a brief description of the situation.

Feel the door. If the door or knob is hot, don’t open it. Place cool, damp towels around any opening where smoke may enter the room.

Remain calm and stay in contact with the Hotel Operator.


Stay low to the floor. Tie a wet cloth over your nose and mouth for easier breathing.

Signal for help by using the telephone, waving a sheet, flashing lights, etc. Emergency number is 911.

If your room has a bathtub, fill the bathtub with water. If your room has a shower, stuff wet towels and sheets in cracks around doors and vents. Turn off air conditioners and fans.

Vent any smoke from the room using the bathroom vent (unless it draws in smoke). Open window if there’s no smoke outside. Do not break glass unless absolutely necessary – you may need to close it later.

Throw water onto hot surfaces (walls, doors) using ice bucket or wastebasket. Remove curtains and wet down window if fire is right outside.

Don’t jump from above the second floor – you could be seriously injured. Wait to be rescued.


Take your key in case re-entry is necessary, keep a wet cloth over your nose and mouth, close the door behind you, knock on doors to warn others during your exit, and assist those in need. Stay low to the ground or floor; smoke will rise in the hallways.

If there’s no smoke, walk to the nearest smoke-free stairway. If there’s not smoke and it’s dark, crawl to exit, counting doors.

Never use an elevator in a fire – you could become trapped inside.

SECURITY ADMITTANCE: Do not admit persons to your room without first making identification. A viewer is provided in your door for your convenience. If there is any doubt about the person’s identity, please contact the Front Desk.

GUEST ROOM LOCKS: For additional security while in your room, utilize the deadbolt lock provided on your door. This will prevent the door from being opened by a regular room key or masterkey.

KEYS: Guest room keys will be issued only to guests registered in the hotel room. Photo I.D. may be required for additional keys. Safeguard your key at all times. Be sure to leave it with the cashier upon departure. Do not give your keys to others, and protect the confidentiality of your room number.

PERSONAL PROPERTY: Whether using the restaurant, pool facility, or meeting room, never leave property unattended. Take your coat, computer, and other personal items with you at all times of check them with the hotel staff. Coat racks may be supplied in meeting rooms. Please note: these racks and the rooms they are in may not be secured at all times. The hotel is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

RULES & REGULATIONS: Please follow posted rules and regulations throughout the property. Compliance with posted rules is expected. Individuals who are not in compliance with regulations (written and/or oral) may be asked to leave the property. Complaints may also be filed with local authorities if damage to property or personnel occurs.

VEHICLES: Parking is offered on and off hotel property. The hotel is not responsible for lost or stolen property left in your vehicle while visiting Hotel Julien Dubuque. We offer storage areas for large items, such as skis and bikes. Please take advantage of our services for your safety and security. Contact guest services for questions regarding storage or security.

These recommendations are to be construed only as suggestions. Use your own best judgment. The safety and security of you as a guest and your personal property are of the utmost concern to us here at Hotel Julien Dubuque.

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