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Couple’s Spotlight: Megan & Austin

We first met Megan and Austin almost one year ago.  It’s hard to believe that their wedding is only a few short days away!

How did you meet?AMeng -52
Austin & I were set up by mutual friends, Heather & Eric Weir. They had asked each of us to go on the river one day in July, 2012, while we were unaware that the other would be coming. We met for the first time that day and totally hit it off! He asked for my number and a few days later he called me and asked me out on a date. Our first few dates were all over 8 hours long and since then, I guess we were hooked!

Tell us about the proposal!
The proposal was a total shock to me! I had no idea that it was coming. We were just preparing for a date night in Galena, and we were just about to leave. Austin called me into the living room and there he was down on one knee, next to our dog Brody, with a ring box open in his hand. I was so surprised, I actually told him to shut up and walked out of the room lol! I of course quickly returned, and we shed a few nervous tears and he asked me to marry him. We celebrated the rest of the night at dinner and a night out with friends. It really was a perfect night!

What made you decide to celebrate this special milestone at HJD?
Hotel Julien has, in our minds, the most gorgeous hotel & glamorous appeal that no other venue could compete with. It has everything that we were looking for in celebrating our wedding. Since we are having a winter wedding, we knew we wanted to have it somewhere where our guests wouldn’t have to leave each venue and travel during the day. We are able to have our ceremony, cocktail hour and reception all at Hotel Julien, while the staff & wedding coordinator, Allie, accommodated every request with the exact attention to detail that we dreamed of to make it all happen and come together with ease.

What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day?
I think we are most excited to just have so much fun and celebrate “us”. After months of planning, we are ready to have a great time with our closest family and friends, who are all there because they love & support us. There will be so many moments through the day that will make it the most memorable day!

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