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What do you mean ‘typical day’?

When asked to describe his typical workday, Executive Housekeeping Manager Joe Polich responded by stating that, in the hospitality industry, a ‘typical day’ does not really exist. While there are certain tasks for which he is responsible on a day-to-day basis, Joe asserts that the dynamic nature of the hospitality industry is one of the things that he enjoys most about his career. Joe joined the team at Hotel Julien Dubuque over five years ago and has since gained experience working in a variety of different capacities.
Here’s a little peek into Joe’s world…

How long have you been with Hotel Julien Dubuque?
 “5 years.”
What path brought you to this industry? “I was a student at Loras College and was looking for a part-time job.  I applied for a position in Housekeeping because I had previously helped with cleaning rooms in my parents’ Bed & Breakfast.  I soon transferred into working at the front desk, but left after a year to move to Madison, Wisconsin.  After a short stint working in Madison for two years, I came back to Hotel Julien Dubuque to work at the front desk again and eventually became a supervisor.  I didn’t know that hospitality would turn into my career, but when the Housekeeping Manager position opened up, I felt it was a good step for me.  I am intrigued by where this type of career is going to take me.”
What are you most passionate about professionally? “I’m passionate about providing a good experience for every guest that walks through our doors and giving my all to make sure that happens.  I’ll do whatever is needed of me to make sure Hotel Julien Dubuque leaves a positive impression on people.”
What is your favorite way to spend a free weekend? “What’s a free weekend??? (sorry, hospitality joke!)  Usually when I have free days, I like to spend them running, playing basketball, golfing, eating some good food and, every once in a while, just relaxing at home with a good video game.”
Please share some of your favorite things to do in the Dubuque area. “A great thing about Dubuque, to me, is the downtown area. I love going out to eat at all the restaurants. I’ve always enjoyed walking around the Port of Dubuque, especially in the summer time. Nothing, in my mind, can beat walking across the 3rd Street overpass back towards Dubuque when the downtown area is busy.”
What do you enjoy most about Hotel Julien Dubuque? “I love getting to know all of the associates. I think the people at Hotel Julien Dubuque have impacted my life greatly, be it past employees or current ones. I’ve made some lifelong friends because of where I work.”
Do you have a personal motto? “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.”
How would you describe your typical workday? “My day starts off by making the Housekeeping boards for the day and assigning rooms to housekeepers.  I usually will wait for everyone to come in and then give some small direction for the day if necessary. I spend time ordering supplies, inspecting rooms, trying to problem solve, etc.  The one thing you learn quickly about working in the hospitality industry is that a ‘typical day’ doesn’t really exist. You have an idea of what a day might be like, but you truly wake up each day knowing anything can happen.”
When asked to share a unique fact about yourself, what do you say? 
“When I was two years old, my family moved to Italy for four years.”
Is there anything else that you would like to add?  “Go Hawks!!”

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