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Meet the Team: Kimberly Ohnesorge

Kimberly Ohnesorge has been a member of the Potosa Spa team since April 2014.  While Kimberly was born in Dubuque, the majority of her experience in the industry is from time spent in Las Vegas, Nevada where she owned and operated a skincare business.  In her Meet the Team feature, Kimberly shares expert skincare tips as well as general wellness strategies for an all-around healthy lifestyle. 
Joined the team:
In April of 2014
Hometown: Dubuque, Iowa
Background/Schooling: “The majority of my schooling took place in Las Vegas, Nevada.”
Name one step of your beauty routine that you could never skip: “Taking off makeup at night.  So many people still like to skip this!”
What is your favorite spa treatment? “The Fountain of Youth Facial.  It is a very advanced facial!”
What is your favorite beauty product? “Solar Defense SPF 30 and anti-wrinkle cream by Hydropeptide.”
What wellness and/or relaxation strategies do you implement in your day-to-day life? “Always maintain a positive mindset and do not be around negative energy.”
What is your favorite beauty tip/trick? “Eyebrow waxing is so important to your overall look – eyebrows shape your face!”
What do you love most about your job? “I love educating my clients on skincare.”
Is there anything else that you would like to share?  “I have worked in all areas of aesthetics from working with dermatologists to plastic surgeons to wellness spas.”

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