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Meet The Team: Kris Severson

Name: Kris Severson
Title: Chief Engineer
Hometown: Council Bluffs, Iowa


How long have you been with Hotel Julien Dubuque?
I am going on my seventh month.


What path brought you to Hotel Julien Dubuque?
I have been in the Hospitality industry for a few years, well more than a few. Spent the last 8 years in the Scottsdale area where I managed 3 resort-style hotels before moving back to the Midwest and ending up here at The Hotel Julien Dubuque.


What are you most passionate about professionally?
I love to see people enjoying their time while staying at the hotels I have worked at is the main reason I stay in the building maintenance field.


What are some of your favorite things to do in the Dubuque area?
I spend my free time working on two hobbies, restoring vintage houses from the 1800’s and my 1956 pickup.


What do you love most about the Hotel Julien Dubuque?
I love the history of Hotel Julien Dubuque and the people that have stayed here in the past.


What is your personal motto?
“Do it right the first time” and “Make it Right” as Mike Holmes says


Describe your typical work day.
Describe your typical work day. Checking for outstanding work request. Prioritizing guest request, maintenance projects, preventative maintenance on either equipment or guest rooms, researching and ordering parts and troubleshooting equipment.


Share a go-to fun fact about yourself.
I have been married to my best friend for 26 happy years and we have seen and lived in several different cities from Detroit, MI to the west coast of Irvine, Ca.

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