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Meet The Team: Margaret O’Reilly

Name:  Margaret O’Reilly
Title:  Sales Manager
Hometown: Lansing, Michigan
LinkedIn profile: linkedin.com/in/margaretoreilly20

1. How long have you been with Hotel Julien Dubuque?   

Since October 2018

2. What path brought you to Hotel Julien Dubuque? Please share a little bit about your professional background and what led you to this industry.

My love for the hospitality industry started when I was in high school. I was constantly planning things for my friends and I to do, or planning events for the school. I am lucky to say that I knew pretty early on what path I wanted to explore for a career. It also helped that I had one of the best hospitality programs in the country right in my backyard. I studied Hospitality Business at Michigan State University. Having a job while in school wasn’t just encouraged, it was required. I constantly had multiple jobs and was heavily involved with the hospitality school. I was dedicated to learning as much as possible about the industry. Some of my favorite experiences were when I was a wedding coordinator, when I was the event design director for the hospitality school’s annual auction, and when I worked at the arena that Michigan State played basketball. Once I graduated college, I accepted a job with Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa out in Galena, IL. I was their corporate event planner for about two and a half years before joining the team here!

3. What are you most passionate about professionally?

That’s a hard one! I tend to be very passionate about a lot of different things professionally. I think the number one passion I have is helping people have a great experience. I enjoy being the one people come to with requests, but also when they need help fixing a problem. There’s nothing like having a guest leave the hotel after a successful stay or a successful event with us. I also have a deep passion for customer service, I am very customer service minded and that doesn’t shut off when I walk out the door. I think the last very important passion is learning. I believe that you should always be learning how to be better in your profession, and learn how the industry is change.  

4. What are you passionate about personally? What is your favorite way to spend a free weekend?

I love traveling, exploring new restaurants, hanging out with friends, and sports. I like to spend my weekends traveling to different locations, hanging out with friends here and in different cities.  

5. What are some of your favorite things to do in the Dubuque area?

I am really enjoying all the new restaurants that have popped up in the last year. I love going to dinner and drinks with my friends.

6. What do you love most about Hotel Julien Dubuque?

I love the atmosphere and the rich history of this hotel. There are so many different unique stories that are so fun to talk about with people.

7. What is your personal motto?

I have two. “Be the change in the world you wish to see” and “A dream without a goal is just a wish.”

8.  Describe your typical work day.

My day is usually different from day to day. I spend a lot of my time responding to emails or on the phone with clients or potential clients. With the new position I have spent time reaching out to clients to introduce myself and letting them know I can help assist them going forward. I will have potential clients reach out to me for more information so I will draft up a proposal for them. I also will have clients reach out to me knowing they want to book so I will draft contracts for them.  I talk to multiple people regularly so it is very important for me to stay organized. When I am not talking with clients I am attending a lot of community events. I think it is important as a hotel to constantly have an ambassador in the community, getting to know the community.  

9. Please share a go-to fun-fact about yourself.

I won best dancer when I was a senior in high school.

10. Is there anything else that you’d like to share?

Have family, friends, or a client you’re trying to impress? Bring them to the Hotel Julien! Now you know who to call when you have any group lodging and meeting requests!

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