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Dynamic Dubuque Duo: Robin & Jeff

“We love Hotel Julien so much and had such a wonderful experience, I would love to share our memories and photos with you!!

This June, my ‘bachelor from Iowa’ Jeff and I will celebrate 5 years together. Every year we sit down to watch our wedding video together and  reminisce of the joy and magic we experienced at our wedding reception held at Hotel Julien. The day was gloomy with mist, a tornado warning in the area that evening but no one was going to rain on our parade!   The room was filled with loved ones from near and far, Zac Brown Band playing in the background, the dance floor was full all night long and the beer/wine was flowing until midnight! Before we could even ask, the staff had already performed the needed task for us!

Both true ‘Dubuquers’, lovers of Happy Joe’s pizza, avid Euchre players and a history of getting our dance on at the Riverboat Lounge in our younger years, we have formed our perfect team with our beautiful daughters Harper and Charlotte and our goldendoodle named Coach.  Kudos to the wonderful staff and service we received during the planning process, the night before our wedding and the night of our wedding. We are forever grateful to share these memories and photos of this beautiful venue to our friends and family! Thank you will never be enough!

P.S. Special shout out to Chuck for keeping everyone in line that night! We were those annoying kids in college years ago chanting ‘Chuck, Chuck, Chuck’ when he was around, god love him! Oh but those days are past and so glad we were able to capture that photo with him on our special day.”

In celebration of our 100th anniversary, we are looking back at the significant events that have taken place at Hotel Julien Dubuque throughout history. If you were married at the hotel (pre or post-renovation), we would love to hear your story!  Learn more about our “Celebrating Ours, Celebrating Yours” contest and how you can enter here.
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