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Double Wedding Bells

Sisters Sigrid and Kirsten Ulve celebrate the five year anniversary of their double wedding reception (held at Hotel Julien Dubuque on July 3rd, 2010) by sharing some of their favorite wedding day memories. Their joint wedding ceremony took place in the late afternoon at Dubuque’s Arboretum and Botanical Gardens.  Kirsten wed Kacy Ross, a radio host and producer from New Jersey.  They currently live in Manhattan where Kirsten oversees Kirsten Ulve Illustration. Younger sister Sigrid married her college sweetheart, Lyle Zaehringer, from Davenport, Iowa.  Both graduated from the University of Iowa and reside in the Quad Cities where Sigrid works as an attorney and Lyle as computer programmer.

Kirsten reflects fondly on the special day, noting:

“My sister Sigrid and I had a double wedding in Dubuque (where we both grew up) in the summer of 2010 on 4th of July weekend. Yes, there were fireworks! We were at the beginning stages of planning when we toured the newly renovated Julien, and the decision to have the festivities there was an easy one. I will never forget the four of us entering the ballroom for our reception dinner. As the doors opened, we were greeted by applause and the smiling faces of family and friends amid a sea white flowers and linens, the afternoon sunlight sparkling on the glassware. We had a disco band from Madison after dinner and danced with fireworks in the background over the river. Truly one of the happiest days of my life. Siggy lives in Davenport now, and I’m in New York City, but we cherish the memory of this fantastic day, and that it took place at the Julien.”

Sigrid echoes her sister’s enthusiasm, writing:

I have wonderful memories of my wedding day, which took place in my home town of Dubuque on a sunlit July 3, 2010. My sister and I, who are close as sisters can be, found ourselves engaged at the same time. So, with our dear husbands’ blessings, we planned a double wedding with the reception at Hotel Julien.

We exchanged vows with our husbands in a lovely joint ceremony at the Arboretum before we ventured with our guests to the Julien for the reception. We walked up the grand staircase to greet the cheerful crowd on the mezzanine, at which time many of our guests expressed their admiration of the setting. After the guests were ushered into the ballroom, I will never forget the four of us coming through the doors to find the room filled with pastel flowers, white linens, soft lighting, and the cheers of our loved ones. The scene could not have been more beautiful.

Other things of note: I remember how helpful the staff were in assisting us plan the event. I remember my sister and I each “hiding” from the grooms upstairs in the hotel rooms before hopping in the limousine to meet them at the ceremony site. We danced to live music while the fireworks erupted over the Mississippi. At the end of the evening, our guests gathered on the terrace outside and enjoyed the warm night air together.

It was a perfect day, and Hotel Julien was the perfect choice.”

In celebration of our 100th anniversary, we are looking back at the significant events that have taken place at Hotel Julien Dubuque throughout history. If you were married at the hotel (pre or post-renovation), we would love to hear your story!  Learn more about our “Celebrating Ours, Celebrating Yours” contest and how you can enter here.
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