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Old historic photo of Hotel Julien Dubuque Lobby Old historic photo of Grande Ballroom Historic photo of old Crown Gallery Postcard of Hotel Julien Dubuque from 1915

Interior Renovation

Owner and Collector. Louis H. Pfohl, the former owner and late grandfather of the current owners, had an eclectic sense of style. According to family, and confirmed by the design team, he collected what he liked and found ingenious ways to give new life to historic finds.

Louis and his descendents were also respectful of the past, which was a good thing when it came to the renovation work. As it turned out, there was a treasure trove of artifacts that had been stored at the hotel – from original wrought iron tiles to Victorian-era mirrors to historic art prints – with many of those items repurposed in the new design. For example, the massive mirror that now hangs on the second floor landing of the lobby staircase was originally used as a door in a Victorian mansion. Pen and ink drawings by European artists displayed in the hotel’s common areas were in such fragile condition it took museum-quality framing to bring them back.

While some original elements of the hotel had been taken apart, enough remained to remanufacture and replicate many of them.

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